A range of high strength concrete building blocks, robust, load bearing units for use in either internal or external walls in a variety of sizes, strengths and finishes offering total flexibility.

BES 6001    CE marking    National Building Specification

Features and benefits

Available in solid and hollow format for ultimate versatility with a standard strength of 3.6N up to 22.5N

High strength blocks up to 22.5 N/mm2 are available subject to order to your specification

Masterdenz blocks are available in standard and paintgrade finishes for various applications

For use internally and externally both above and below dpc.

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Product information and BIM

  • Multi divisional service leaflet (pdf, 1.11 MB)
  • Bradstone walling and masterblock technical manual (pdf, 4.97 MB)
  • Construction solutions for housebuilding (pdf, 2.4 MB)

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