A new environmentally friendlier range of made to order, lightweight, high strength, robust, load bearing units. Masterlite Pro ECO blocks are produced using 30% reduction in embodied CO2 than our standard Masterlite Pro blocks while also containing a minimum of 20% non-primary materials.

Features and benefits

20% minimum non-primary material content

Raw materials used are specifically selected for their environmental performance and the products comply with all European and UK technical standards.

Masterlite Pro Eco blocks are available in standard and paintgrade finishes for various applications

For use internally and externally, both above and below dpc

30% reduction in embodied CO2 compared to standard Masterlite Pro blocks

Environmentally engineered to meet the demands of today’s sustainably conscious society. 

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Product information

Masterlite Pro ECO technical data sheet (pdf, 376.54 KB)

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