Our ProLay® System is a manufacture, supply and installation service offering from the Aggregate Industries contracting team for bespoke, new generation, ProLay asphalts (specially designed asphalt for your projects). Our ProLay System and Solutions will provide you with extended pavement life, offers an increased level of warranty up to 10 years*, supports efficiencies and whole life costing.

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Through a consultative approach and early involvement in a project’s design stage, our contracting team is able to carry out site investigations to identify and deliver tailored whole-life solutions through the ProLay System.

The ProLay system assists clients in identifying the right first time pavement design solution, whilst state-of-the-art smart surfacing technology captures the pavement data required to support asset management. Our ProLay System comes complete with as-built digital data records and an end of warranty report (as applicable).

Our ProLay System offers a new range of exclusive products that contain high grade bitumen that can be mixed at low temperatures to reduce CO2.

ProLay System

Our ProLay Asphalt range has been developed to align with both National Highways levers and Local Authority objectives. We have specially designed asphalts to manage a wide range of applications to help drive both efficiencies and whole life costing.

Our ProLay asphalt solutions are bespoke products, that provide the customer with an increased level of warranty and have been designed to help with an ever changing environment.



  • Technical support throughout all stages of design construction (ECI-completion)
  • High Grade PMB Bond Coat Sealant between layers and at joints to give a fully sealed pavement
  • Pavement design expertise and tailored PMB Bitumen specific to the scheme/application
  • Extended Warranty up to 10 years (dependent on the application)

Prolay is only offered as a Supply & Installation service

Aggregate Industries’ New Prolay Asphalt Bridges the Gap on Runcorn’s Silver Jubilee Bridge Renovation.

From research and development to product quality and testing, this page covers all of the innovative work that our technicians perform every day to ensure you're getting the best possible product.

PROLAY & Warm Mix Asphalt

ProLay comes with a variety of aggregate size options (depending on location and application) and are available either as hot mix or as Warm Mix Asphalt. Warm mix asphalt brings the following benefits:

  • Require less energy to manufacture than conventional asphalt
  • Reduced carbon emissions in the mixing and laying process (a lower carbon footprint)
  • Lower temperatures during production resulting in: reduced binder ageing; enhanced in-service life expectancy; and whole lifecycle cost benefits
  • Earlier trafficking enabling: earlier re-opening of carriageways; reduced traffic disruption; and reduced risk of early life deformation on thick lift pavements
  • Safer application
  • Gives reduced fuming throughout paving operation



Our ‘Curve’ solution is a specially designed asphalt for high stress applications. With a low void content matrix and high Polymer Modified Binder (PMB) content, it’s a highly durable solution.

ProLay Curve Solution

Our ‘Single Layer’ solution is a single lift asphalt solution with increased nominal aggregate size, laid in a single paver pass - removing the requirement for a regulating course layer.

ProLay Single Layer Solution

Our environmentally friendly ‘Silent’ solution is a Clause 942 approved, ultra-low noise offering that has the potential to reduce traffic noise levels by up to -7.8dB(A)** when compared to traditional Hot Rolled Asphalt & Pre-coated Chippings (PCC) 
**in accordance with SHW Cl.942 Table 9/17


ProLay Silent Solution

Our ‘Flex’ solution is a highly flexible asphalt with low in-situ void content (typically <5%), providing superb extended durability. Available in Base, Binder and Surface course options, our Flex solution can be tailored to suit the needs of the pavement condition/trafficking type

ProLay Flex Solution

Our ‘Ultra’ solution is Clause 942 approved specially designed to improve whole life pavement performance/costing. With a low void content matrix and high Polymer Modified Binder (PMB) content, our Ultra solution can be tailored to suit the needs of the  pavement condition and trafficking type. 

ProLay Ultra Solution
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  • Transport
  • Non-residential
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