SuperDrain asphalt is a revolutionary permeable asphalt solution, expertly engineered for effective water management in various settings like driveways, car parks, and new housing developments. With its unique open-graded design and advanced Polymer Modified Bitumen, SuperDrain provides exceptional permeability and durability. It's an innovative answer to modern drainage challenges, offering both environmental benefits and a practical approach to flood risk management.

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Robust Composition

Utilises advanced Polymer Modified Bitumen for superior wear resistance, significantly extending pavement life under various weather and traffic conditions.

Acoustic Absorption

Open texture design offers high capacity sound absorption, creating quieter urban environments.

Enhanced Drainage

Rapidly filters surface water, reducing standing water and ice hazard, ideal for flood-prone areas.

SuperDrain in action

Why use SuperDrain?

Urban planners and developers increasingly face the challenges of extreme weather patterns, from intense rainfall to prolonged dry spells, leading to issues like flooding and ineffective water management. These environmental pressures demand innovative solutions that can adapt to such climatic extremes. SuperDrain asphalt is our response to these evolving needs, offering a technologically advanced, efficient, and reliable solution to manage urban water issues effectively.

SuperDrain asphalt, with its exceptional permeability, allows water to seamlessly infiltrate the underlying layers, significantly reducing the risk of flooding and water accumulation. Its bespoke composition, featuring a range of aggregate sizes, is specifically engineered to ensure high hydraulic conductivity. This makes SuperDrain a perfect fit for Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS). Furthermore, SuperDrain's design not only promotes efficient water management but also enhances the visual appeal of urban landscapes with its available integral colour options.

SuperDrain asphalt is the ideal product for contemporary urban development projects that require sustainable, functional, and visually appealing solutions. Its robust composition, suited for varying urban applications, and its environmental benefits make it a superior choice over traditional surfacing materials. With SuperDrain, developers and urban planners can confidently address water management challenges while contributing positively to urban aesthetics and environmental sustainability.

  1. Urban Parking Lots: SuperDrain asphalt is excellent for managing surface water in busy city car parks, reducing puddles and improving safety.
  2. School Playgrounds: Ideal for playgrounds, its permeability ensures quick drying after rain, creating a safer, slip-resistant environment for children.
  3. Residential Roads: In housing areas, SuperDrain helps manage stormwater effectively, preventing flooding and maintaining road integrity.
  4. Commercial Developments: Perfect for commercial areas, it aids in effective water management while maintaining an attractive appearance.
  5. Sports Facilities: SuperDrain is suitable for sports courts and areas, ensuring quick drainage and maintaining playability even after heavy rain.


  • Material Grading: Available in various sizes (e.g., 32mm, 20mm, 14mm, 10mm, 6mm).
  • Void Content %: Typically greater than 18% for certain sizes.
  • Water Infiltration Rate: Ranges from over 5,000 mm/hr to over 15,000 mm/hr, depending on the grade.
  • Nominal Layer Thickness: Varies based on grading, from 25-120mm.
  • Permeability: High, suitable for rapid drainage.
  • Application: Suitable for Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS).

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