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A high-performance asphalt developed for its substantial resistance to heavy loads and traffic wear. This material facilitates expedited application, essential for busy routes and is designed for longevity, reducing the frequency of road repairs. It aligns with modern environmental goals, aiding in the reduction of carbon emissions and promoting sustainable construction practices. Offering a practical solution for enduring road infrastructure, it meets the demands of today’s road maintenance challenges while supporting smoother traffic flow and long-term cost savings.

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Adaptable Application

SuperFlex asphalt accommodates a diverse range of road types, from urban lanes to high-capacity motorways, ensuring consistent performance.

Rapid Completion

Its quick compaction time enables faster reopening of roads, greatly reducing construction-related congestion.

Enhanced Longevity

Engineered to endure, SuperFlex reduces the frequency of road repairs due to its exceptional resistance to traffic stress and weather conditions.

SuperFlex® in Action

Facing Road Durability Issues

The increasing volume of traffic on UK roads has escalated the wear and tear on the surface, leading to common issues such as potholes and cracks. Traditional surfacing materials often struggle under the constant strain, necessitating frequent repairs. This not only strains local authority budgets but also causes significant traffic hold-ups, a source of public frustration and economic inefficiency.

Responsive Asphalt for Heavy Use

In response to this, Aggregate Industries has developed a solution to enhance road resilience against the rigorous demands of continuous, heavy traffic. This innovative asphalt integrates a Polymer Modified Bitumen, which is particularly adept at resisting the type of deformation and cracking that leads to road failures. Its robust nature means that surfaces are maintained for longer periods, cutting down on the frequency and costs associated with roadworks. Quicker laying times also translate to less downtime for roads, essential for maintaining traffic flow and community productivity.

Commitment to Road Quality and Efficiency

Opting for this advanced road surfacing option translates into a significant return on investment. The longevity of the surface reduces the need for recurrent maintenance, ensuring that roads stay intact and functional for longer stretches. It supports local authorities in achieving their fiscal responsibilities while adhering to sustainability targets by reducing material use over time. This asphalt is a sound choice for those invested in the future of road infrastructure—where quality, efficiency, and environmental responsibility converge to meet the challenges of modern road maintenance head-on.

  • Urban Highways: Offers a resilient surface capable of withstanding intense traffic, ideal for busy city roads.
  • Rural Roads: Provides a durable solution to withstand the varying conditions of rural travel.
  • Motorways: Specially formulated for high-capacity roads, requiring approval for use on motorways as a departure from standard specifications.
  • Industrial Estates: Suitable for areas with heavy loading, preventing surface deformation under industrial traffic.
  • Residential Developments: Enhances suburban streets with a surface built for longevity, reducing the need for frequent maintenance.
  • Commercial Complexes: Delivers a robust parking and roadway surfacing option, supporting a high volume of vehicles with minimal wear.
  • Overlaying Concrete: Ideal for use when overlaying concrete surfaces, offering flexibility and crack resistance.


SuperFlex Surface Course

SuperFlex Carriageway and SuperFlex Industrial are developed beyond BBA/HAPAS specifications for enhanced performance. The Carriageway variant, verified for high friction retention in grip tests, is ideal for highways where standard specs are insufficient. SuperFlex Industrial, with its shallower texture depth, offers exceptional durability against industrial wear, such as frequent container forklift traffic.

Material GradingTexture Depth (mm)Layer Thickness (mm)Binder Type
6mm0.4-0.825-45PMB (winter & summer grades)

SuperFlex Base & Binder

SuperFlex serves as a practical asphalt choice for base and binder layers, offering strong resistance to wear and shape distortion. It’s well-suited to various settings, particularly where roads are at risk of cracking. Though hand-laying SuperFlex can be somewhat challenging, it’s generally easier to work with than Stone Mastic Asphalt.

Material GradingLayer Thickness (mm)Binder Type
10mm30-80PMB (winter & summer grades)

SuperFlex Single Layer

SuperFlex's single-layer asphalt provides a quick and reliable surfacing method, suitable for both new constructions and maintenance projects, with a capacity for layers up to 140mm thick. Additionally, this product is available in a warm mix form, produced at temperatures 20-40°C cooler than traditional hot mix asphalt, enhancing its sustainability credentials.

Nominal SizeLayer Thickness (mm)Typical Surface Texture (mm)
6mm20-40< 0.5

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