Insulating Concrete Formwork

Insulating Concrete Formwork or ICF is a fast and simple permanent formwork system. The ICF system provides high energy conservation, strong heat retention, and great sound absorption properties when compared with traditional construction methods.

Features and benefits

Fast and simple to install
  • ICF offers Speed of build compared to traditional methods - one team of 4 men can build a pair of semi-detached units in one week (est. 275m2)
  • Simple construction method, insulated concrete formwork fills the gap for skilled labour shortage - does not require a skilled tradesman to install
  • Can install in almost all weather conditions
High energy efficiency & thermal mass
  • The ICF system has a high thermal mass, it stores excess heat energy during the day and releases it back into the building at night
  • Research from Loughborough University* has shown that the internal ambient temperature remains consistent throughout the year
Low maintenance, durable & safe
  • The use of both concrete and ICF in a building means there is practically no maintenance required to the structure
  • Concrete is inherently durable, and when cast within the ICF system provides an inherent strength for the finished construction
Fire, flood & rot resistence
  • Concrete construction is extremely resilient to fire damage. ICF walls have fire-performance ratings of up to 3 hours verified by the BBA
  • Concrete and EPS do not suffer from rot and water damage, making ICF construction extremely resilient to flood damage
  • The insulated concrete forms contain a fire retardant and a rodent prevention treatment.
  • Concrete
  • Buildings
  • Education and healthcare
  • Industrial and commercial
  • Non-residential
  • Residential
Product category
  • Cement

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