An environmentally friendly cement substitution material which can improve concrete performance.


Fly ash can be used with Portland cement to improve the performance and workability of the concrete.  Typical substitution rates are between 15 – 30%.  Fly ash reduces the risk of sulfate and chlorine ingress as well as help to protect against ASR from certain aggregates.  PFA and Fly Ash as an addition in concrete is covered by the specification BS EN 405-1.

Consistently good quality

  • Available fly ash certified to EN450-1 fineness category N

Suitable for a wide range of uses

  • Precast concrete units
  • Foundations
  • Wind farms
  • Soil Stabilisation
  • Highway
  • Coastal structures
  • Tunnelling

For durable and sustainable concrete

  • Improves the concrete durability by reducing the risk of ASR attack and the risk of cracking by reducing the heat of hydration

Environmentally friendly

  • Reduces the concretes embedded CO2

Increases workability without sacrificing strength

  • Optimises water/cement ratio
  • Improved workability retention
  • Reduces the risk of bleeding in pre cast concrete.

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