Self Binding Path Gravel

Self Binding Path Gravel is a specialist decorative product, used most prominently in landscaping jobs such as pathways, driveways and car parks. 

Self Binding Path Gravel is a 14mm down to dust product, allowing for material to be laid, then cemented into the floor by either a roller or wacker plate. This method of compaction pushes the finer materials to the base, leaving the smaller stones to interlock and create a stable and durable surface.

We supply this seldom-seen Path Gravel out of our Kempsford Quarry in Swindon, where we have already seen its compelling aesthetic become a popular choice among stately neighbourhoods all over the country. Its intrinsic design boasts a natural appearance to leave an attractive, desirable finish.

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Ideal for: 

  • Foot Paths in gardens, parks, and other outdoor spaces. It provides a stable surface for walking while allowing water to drain through.
  • Cycle Paths. Its firm surface allows for smooth cycling while preventing the formation of ruts and potholes.
  • Driveways, providing a durable and attractive alternative to traditional asphalt or concrete. It can withstand vehicular traffic and offers good drainage properties.
  • Recreational Parks. Can be used in play areas and playgrounds to create safe and accessible surfaces. It offers good impact absorption and reduces the risk of injury from falls.


  • Cost effective - an affordable, high quality path gravel
  • Easy to install - saving you both time and effort. Just lay it down and let it bind together
  • Hard wearing - durable gravel that withstands even the heaviest of foot traffic and weather conditions
  • Decorative  - enhances the beauty of your outdoor space with a natural-looking pathway

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