Bagged Aggregates

Available in tote bags weighing minimum 800 kilograms, our range of bagged aggregates includes sand, gravel, crushed stone and specialised materials like recycled concrete. 

Sourced from our range of quarries nationwide, our bagged aggregates have a wide range of applications across construction, landscaping and various other industries where the demand for premium quality materials is important. 

Our pre-measured bagged aggregates also ensure users get a specific quantity of aggregate, which minimises the risk of over or under-ordering. This can lead to cost savings, as there's potentially less wastage, while unused bags can be stored away for future use without degradation. Additionally, the packaging of our bagged aggregates offers protection from external contaminants, ensuring the quality and integrity of the aggregate inside. The tote bags are made from durable, quality materials and fully certified, with lifting tunnels attached for forklift compatibility.

We can also provide a ready to collect service, to suit the specific demands of a project.

Our bagged aggregates are a convenient and exact solution for those in need of materials for smaller projects or with specific quantity requirements. Being pre-packaged they ensure quality, minimise wastage and offer ease of transport and storage. Our comprehensive transportation network enables us to provide flexible and rapid delivery for bagged aggregates across the country. 

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Ideal for: 

  • Wide range of applications
  • Small-scale projects and DIY tasks
  • Sites where space and access might be restricted



  • Easier transport, handling and storage
  • Pre-weighed, ensuring specific aggregates quantity
  • Minimise wastage  and risks of under-ordering

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