Super Protect®

Super Protect® Plant and Super Protect® Stock are specifically modified hot rolled asphalt surface courses developed by Aggregate Industries to resist the harsh acidic effluents found in agricultural & similar environments. Both are designed as very dense mixes with low voids and offer excellent impermeabilty and reduced sensitivity to chemical attack to deliver an extremely durable asphalt for the farming and anaerobic digestion sectors

Features & benefits

Both materials use mix recipes and constituents to produce low void content mixes that are less sensitive to the chemicals commonly seen in farm yards and anaerobic digestion plants

Super Protect® has a high proportion of coarse aggregate in the mix to provide good deformation resistance to the various plant & machinery that one would see in a farmyard or anaerobic digestion facility

A low maintenance, easily cleaned material, enabling higher levels of hygiene to be maintained.

Excellent impermeability characteristics when compared with ‘standard’ bituminous materials; preventing degradation caused by water and chemical ingres

Non frost-susceptible.

Increased durability makes this an ideal hard standing for heavy farmyard machinery

Excellent insulation characteristics reducing the use of bedding material and providing increased comfort for livestock in animal houses.

Usable within 24 hours of installation, minimising operational delays.

Utilises high quality hard rock aggregates and modified binder.

Excellent workability for improved jointing and compaction.  Can be laid on a suitable binder course or as an overlay to an existing concrete surface.

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