A stone mastic asphalt (SMA) derivative designed to meet both the Defence Estates and BAA specifications for SMA. Its tough and durable properties provide an economic alternative to traditionally specified Marshall Asphalt.

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Features and benefits

Tough and durable properties

Economic alternative to Marshall Asphalt

Widely available

Tough and durable

Good texture that does not require grooving – appropriate for light runway use

Airmat has been used successfully for many regional, and major airports



Product category


Product information and BIM

Performance asphalt product portfolio (pdf, 11.82 MB)

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Low Temperature Asphalt Technology

Low Temperature Asphalt Technology

Introducing Low Temperature Asphalt; a complete range of asphalt products* mixed and delivered at 30°- 40° lower than hot mix asphalt – giving you a more sustainable solution that also offers clear time and cost benefits.

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