SuperBase is a specifically engineered asphaltic concrete 14mm dense binder course mixture, which has been designed to fill the gap within the range of binder course materials, described in UK asphalt standards.

BES 6001 


Features and benefits

Suitable for use in either low or high density traffic situations

Equivalent stiffness modulus to a conventional HDM 50 or HMB 35 for Superbase grades 50 or 35 respectively

Developed to provide the function of a durable and impermeable supporting layer below modern thin surfacings

Relatively rich binder contents and low insitu void contents; designed to be 6% or less rendering them impermeable

Uniform finish with low risk of segregation

Can be laid at 40mm thick

Can be laid up to 70mm as a single layer application depending on the project.

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Product Information

SuperBase Information Sheet (pdf, 964.62 KB)

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