Moulded from original natural stone, Crofters slates provide the attractive appearance of natural stone combined with the simplicity of using a single sized product.

BES 6001   

Crofters roofing and Rough Dressed walling application
Crofters roofing Glade development, Menston application
Crofters roofing Butsers farm application
Complete range available

Readily available, the Crofters range of reconstructed stone is an alternative to natural stone slates. The range consists of main slates, under ridge and eaves slates with matching accessories including ridge, hip and ventilation units for the complete roofing solution

Easy application

The slates are easy to lay and are readily available which reduces time and costs associated with second-hand material. One size slate for total simplicity and are twice holed to facilitate nailing where appropriate.

  • Bradstone Structural
  • Non-residential
  • Residential
  • Buildings
Product category
  • Roofing tiles
  • Building products
Product range
Type Main slate Half slate Under eave/ridge Ridge/hip unit Gas and ridge vent Slate vent
Length (mm) 550 550 350 660, 450 450 550
Width (mm) 425 212.5 425 n/a n/a 425
Weight (kg) 8.16 4.1 6.0 600 = 11.7 / 450=8.8 10 10
Units/m2 (approx) 10.0 20 16.5 36.75 lin m n/a n/a
No. per pack 120 100 45 35 x 600, 35 x 450 n/a 1 per box
M2/pack (approx) 12.0 5.0 2.73 n/a n/a n/a
Pack Weight (T) 0.98 0.41 0.27 0.72 n/a n/a
Colour available All All All All All All

Ridge units – For roof pitches up to 35°, a 110° (internal angle) ridge unit is available in 600mm lengths. For roof pitches above 35°, a 90° (internal angle) ridge unit is available in 450 and 600mm lengths. Nails and Pegs – Hanging over batten: 40mm long x 4.5mm or 5mm dia. Aluminium tile pegs. Nailing through batten: 40/45mm long x 3.35 dia. Clout head nails. 

The Crofters roofing range is ideal for; external roofs, extensions and new builds where a natural appearance is required. 

Product range includes

  • Main slate
  • Ridge units
  • Hip units
  • Ridge vent unit
  • Gas flue ridge unit
  • Slate vent
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