Lytag produce a range of aggregates for various construction solutions. We can produce bespoke mixes if required.

Lytacrete reduces the weight of structural concrete and can be pumped to any height and achieve a high quality finish.

Lytag 0-4 Sand

Lytag 0-4 , used extensively within the precast and block market replacing natural fines reducing weight and increasing environmental credentials.

Lytag 0-8

Lytag 0-8, used within the precast market eliminating the need for any natural aggregate, creating a super lightweight product.

Lytag 0-14

Lytag 0-14, used within the structural concrete market. This blend eliminates the need for natural aggregate whilst reducing densities to 1650kg.m3 yet keeping the desired strength properties.

Lytag 4-8

Lytag 4-8, used within precast concrete, screed and drainage markets. The most versatile of products from the lytag range.

Lytag 4-14

Lytag 4-14, used within the structural concrete market. Eliminating the coarse aggregate element from normal weight concrete resulting in a density of 1850kg/m3 without compromising strength.

Lytag 8-14

Lytag 8/14, used within the fill and block market, the material is 50% lighter than traditional quarried aggregate.