MOT Type 2 Aggregates

MOT Type 2 is a blended crushed aggregate product, which provides a free draining base, making it perfectly suited for walkways and garden paths.

Type 2 Subbase, also commonly referred to as MOT Type 2 is an unbound mixture of aggregates that is defined by Clause 804 of the Standards for Highway Works. Type 2 is a finer grade of sub base material than Type 1, and is typically used in applications where a more substantial base layer is required.  

Type 2 consists of aggregate that is crushed and screened typically to 63mm down to dust. The coarse nature of the aggregate blend means that it provides a free-draining base, making this a popular choice of sub-base for pathways and walkways. Easily compacted, you can also utilise Type 2 as a backfill material.

Type 2 can be derived from recycled waste materials sourced from construction and demolition projects, reducing the need for quarrying virgin aggregate. This not only preserves natural resources but by repurposing waste from construction and demolition projects, there is a reduction in the amount of waste going to landfills, promoting sustainable and eco-friendly construction practices.

Our Type 2 aggregate is supplied across our network of quarries nationwide. Whether you're a professional in the construction industry or a homeowner looking to improve your property, our Type 2 aggregate can benefit any project. And, with a comprehensive transportation network, we are able to provide flexible and rapid delivery across the UK. 

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Ideal for: 

  • Sub-base for garden paths and walkways 
  • Sub-base for roads and highways 
  • Building sub base


  • Complies to all standards outlined in Clause 804 of the Standards for Highways Works
  • Sustainable options available, blending recycled content sourced from construction demolition materials
  • Screened to 63 mm down to dust

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