Sportag® is part of the Lytag® product portfolio and is a sustainable, lightweight drainage material used extensively on golf course fairways and greens as well as all other sports playing fields. Ideal for land drainage applications.

Features and benefits

Hydraulic conductivity

Sportag® hydraulic conductivity is 10 times that of some natural aggregates (Sportag® = 1.6 x 10-1 m/s), thanks to a void ratio of 40% between pellets

Advantages: Drainage rates vastly improved with Sportag®

Benefits: Facility will be available more often


Sportag® has a 30% moisture retention. This allows moisture to be released at a constant rate, 15L per m2 @ 100mm depth

Advantages: Allows for a more even and controlled release of water

Benefit: Healthier, more consistent facility

Root growth

Sportag® 40% void ratio improves aeration compared to standard aggregate, allowing roots to penetrate to greater depths

Advantages: Stronger root systems

Benefits: A healthier more robust surface


Sportag® innate strength of 6.5N, means there is very little degradation over time. Making it a perfect bedding for pipeline (UPVC, concrete, clay or any other thermoplastics) as there is no settling over time

Advantages: A constant volume is achieved with no subsidence

Benefits: Very little long-term maintenance needed

Placing and handling

Sportag® is half the weight of normal aggregates, reducing the risk of manual handling injuries. Its round nature and strength allows easy placement in even the most demanding of locations

Advantages: Quick and easy to install; no specialist knowledge or skills necessary

Benefits: Reduces labour costs and time. Will not damage maintenance machinery


Sportag® regular spherical shape, 6.5N strength, 40% void ration and 30% moisture retention makes it perfect for all elements of a SuDS System

• Trenches
• Micro Trenches
• Soakaways
• Pipe bedding
• Permeable pavements
• Green roofs

Sportag® has a 30% moisture retention. This allows moisture to be released at a constant rate of 15 litres per m2 @ 100mm depth

Sports drainage experts

Shelton Sportsturf Drainage have used Sportag® with their specialist drainage machinery and techniques for almost 20 years. Shelton design, manufacture and sell award winning machinery designed specifically for the drainage of sports pitches, turf playing surfaces and agricultural land. Along with their machinery, Shelton's advanced drainage techniques can be installed quickly and with little disruption to the playing surfaces so in the vast majority of cases you can 'drain today and play tomorrow'.




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