Lytag - Precast

Lytag within precast concrete can reduce the density by 32 whilst not affecting its strength. More units can therefore be added to a delivery.

Features and benefits

Strong - Lytag provides the same level of structural integrity as natural aggregate concrete so it can be used in exactly the same way

Advantages: Meets all British & European standards at a fraction of the weight.

Benefits: Same performance as natural aggregate concrete; reduced costs; greater design flexibility.

Logistics - More Lytag concrete precast units than natural aggregate ones can be transported per vehicle

This reduces haulage costs and environmental impact.

Advantages: Quicker delivery; logistics costs per unit dramatically reduced.

Benefits: Overall haulage savings; less pollution.

Lytag®’s lighter weight makes larger precast units possible than with natural aggregate concrete

Advantages: More design options; lower casting costs; fewer joints; quicker construction; fewer trips and lower haulage costs. 

Benefits: Better designs with lower costs.

Manual handling - Lytag precast units are quicker and safer to lay compared with natural aggregate concrete units

They reduce the potential for the strains and accidents that precast units such as flagstones can cause.

Advantages: More efficient installation complying with manual handling regulations. 

Benefits: Reduced potential injuries; time and labour costs.

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