SuperRed is a range of products that can be used in multiple applications but is more common where colour differentiation is deemed important such as private drives, cycle-ways, pedestrian areas, residential roads etc.

BES 6001

Features and benefits

Variable Colour Intensity

The intensity of the colour can be varied by altering the level of pigmentation.

With very light colours it can lead to a significant reduction in the energy required for lighting and improve visibility and safety.

Allows clients to enhance safety through colour-coded demarcation areas
Available using binder technology and manufactured using plant based renewable ingredients

SuperRed uses a synthetic translucent binder. Due to the nature of the synthetic binder this product can be transported further and remain workable for a greater period of time than standard asphalt materials

Suitable for Domestic and Commercial schemes.
  • Aggregate Industries
  • Express Asphalt
  • Industrial and commercial
  • Transport
  • Non-residential
  • Sports and leisure
  • Residential
  • Infrastructure
  • Domestic landscaping
  • Roads
  • Car parks
  • Driveways
  • Highways and roads
  • Sports surfacing
  • Reds
Product category
  • Asphalt

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