Roads, Tunnels and Bridge infrastructure support 

Infrastructure connects our communities. From the hustle and bustle of our busy cities, to the furthest remote regions of the country. Through intricate road networks, major highways and impressive bridges and tunnels. Transport infrastructure allows us to reach our destinations, safely.

But it’s not just about building our infrastructure network. Road and highway maintenance has never been more important. Whether it’s a focus on fixing potholes in our road networks, keeping cyclist and pedestrians safe from vehicular traffic or reducing road user disruption, and all doing so all whilst lowering carbon emissions. We offer a unique collaborative approach to help you build the infrastructure that will last for generations.

Road to Net Zero white paper

Read the findings of our research on the industry roadblocks, how to address them and the road ahead.

Our Infrastructure offer

Click on the hotspots below to view a range of materials that can be used in all layers of road construction, from sub-bases to surface courses, to tunnels and bridges, kerbs and edgings. All backed up with technical expertise and a drive to achieve a net zero future.

Road and highways

Our road and highways network needs to withstand harsh conditions. From heat, freezing temperature, heavy load vehicles and friction from braking and skidding. We offer construction aggregates for sub-base layers to provide a stable base platform, base and binder course asphalt to help bear the load of heavy traffic and a range of surface course materials that provides an even surface. Plus the kerbs and edging to add the finishing touches. We can work with you to find the best material for the project, offer onsite testing and transparent carbon reports every step of the way. 

We are one of the UK's leading national surfacing contractors, with over 85 years of experience delivering asphalt, hydraulically bound and cementitious bound pavement solutions, UK wide. 


Our service extends to full depth pavement construction; highways asset renewal and construction; highway maintenance, pavement repair and general surfacing work; car parks; hard standings and utilities.


Bridges and tunnels

The design and build of bridge and tunnel infrastructure, is complex. Choosing the right materials that can withstand the load-bearing and strength requirements is paramount. We have high strength, durable cement and ready-mixed concrete products available ideal for these applications. Both available in low carbon options with ECOPlanet the green cement, and ECOPact the green concrete.

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Products that build our infrastructure

Road infrastructure demand is vast, but climate change calls for lower emissions. Neil Leake, national technical manager at Aggregate Industries explores the latest asphalt innovation and the significant role it can play in creating a low-carbon transportation network.

As the road building industry continues to come under new pressure to reduce emissions and secure the road to net zero, Neil Leake, National Technical Manager at Aggregate Industries’ Surfacing Solutions division, explores the importance of durability of design.

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